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Mentoring has been proven to accelerate personal or professional growth, issue resolution, and coaching on obtaining objectives. It is a communication vehicle and forum that is a one-on-one discussion-based session between a more experienced person and one of less experience, in a similar field or profession.

Mentoring works because it affords open communication and information exchange in a non-threatening and private dialog that promotes trust. Since, honesty is built upon trust; the mentee is much more likely to express feeling, fears, concerns and tough questions that have the potential for career growth.

When those root concerns are brought forward, the mentor/coach is able to assess the true causes, the true needs and the most appropriate guidance for the mentee. Almost immediately, the mentee begins to build knowledge, confidence and acumen that are able to be utilized right away. The iterative discussing-learning-doing nature of mentoring delivers small bits of learning that are strengthened repetitively as the mentee grows.

Benefits of Mentoring

The benefits of a mentoring relationship as primarily applicable toward the mentee, and without doubt there is significant value. The iterative nature of mentoring allows for a build-on-foundation approach that the mentee can use to compound learnings. It should be noted however that those who choose to mentor others often do so out of a strong desire to help others and give back to the community. Many express their own experiences as extremely beneficial and can be categorized in many of the same areas below.

  • Rapid Attainment of Value
  • Customized to individual
  • Flexible to Situational Needs
  • Primarily Dialog, Some Content
  • Foundation to Other Learning and Leadership Skills
  • Clarity on purpose
  • Pride in personal achievement and accountability      
  • Confidence building and fear reduction
  • Enhanced Emotional Intelligence
    • Skill or Capability acquisition, development & maturation
  • Career preparation and (re)positioning
    • Leadership development and preparation
    • Professional enrichment, expansion and enhancement

Who Needs Mentoring

Mentoring is a learning option that provides participants the ability to accelerate learning through targeted, iterative discovery of obstacles, knowledge gaps, and other aspects of a person’s professional development. If perceived deficiencies are attended to under the guidance of a more experienced guide, the ability to circumvent poor decisions, career pitfalls, and risk may be combined with rapid confidence building, destruction of obstacles, learning by example, expanded network contacts and opportunities and a self-reinforcing learning exercise.

What mentoring is:

  • An enabling process for skill development.
  • A confidence-building exercise through experience sharing.
  • A focus on career goal discussions.
  • A focus on direction setting.
  • An open, trusted learning environment.

What mentoring is not:

  • Job training or job shadowing.
  • Therapy. It should not be devoted to solving personal problems.
  • An endless time-consuming activity. It should have a limited purpose.
  • A job guarantee.
  • A job placement service.
  • A forum to vent out emotions against an employer.
  • A shortcut to certification.

Who makes a good mentor: 

A mentor is a trusted friend, coach and mentor. Although the primary function of the mentor is to facilitate the mentee’s business analysis success and professional growth through the mentoring relationship, such relationship offer growth and development for both parties. When mentoring is approached with a willingness to learn and share knowledge, all parties benefit. If we just described you, please use the button below to sign up as a mentor.

Who makes a good mentee: 

A mentee is an individual who expresses an interest in obtaining career guidance. This individual is open-minded and willing to consider new ideas. He/she is open to mentoring and coaching from an experienced person in their profession and will drive discussions with their mentoring partner to topics of interest to them. They are fully aware that all conversations during mentoring sessions are to be held in confidence by both parties. If we just described you, please use the button below to sign up as a mentee. 

If at any time you have questions, comments, need support, or have concerns please contact the Program Manager at Mentoring@bluegrass.iiba.org.  


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