Bluegrass Business Analysis Hall of Fame Class of 2016


  Service to Bluegrass IIBA Chapter


Inductee: Daryl Keltz, PMP 


In August 2013 Daryl became an inaugural member of the Bluegrass IIBA Chapter and a member of its Board of Directors, as the Vice President of Marketing and Communications.

Over the next two years, Daryl worked tirelessly to increase the reach of the Chapter by increasing its marketing channels and reaching out to the community to ensure that the Bluegrass IIBA Chapter’s name became widely known in the community.

Daryl made sure that not only chapter events were published in the local newspapers, but also any other news about the chapter.  He sent notifications to the newspapers when the chapter leaders participated in the ITT Technical Institute Program Advisory Committee (PAC) on multiple occasions.  This included President Aaron Whittenberger, Vice President of Community Outreach John Batts and himself.

Daryl initiated the chapter’s use of social media by using LinkedIn and Twitter.  This gave new channels for the chapter to reach the community.

Daryl went beyond his Marketing and Communications duties by seeking out tasks that needed to be accomplished and took it upon himself to accomplish them.  He often checked in attendees at chapter events.  He often arranged for or picked up food and/or drinks for chapter meetings, and often arrived early at events to help with organization and setup. Daryl created the first-time and attendee feedback surveys that are now handed out at each chapter event.  This allowed the chapter leadership to gain feedback on its programs from its participants so that they can make future events of more value.

Daryl formalized and nurtured the relationship between the IIBA and PMI chapters in Lexington.  He ensured two-way communication and sharing of promotional material.  He also reached out to the local chapter of internal auditors (CKIIA) to open communication and sharing channels.

Daryl provided great energy and leadership during the early years of the chapter beginnings.  He was a tremendous asset during the early years of the chapter and was one of the chapter leaders that helped it grow in reach, membership and a strong professional development program.


  Advancement of the Profession in the Bluegrass


Inductee: Aaron Whittenberger, CBAP


In the summer of 2013 Aaron reached out to several members of the Lexington business analysis community to gauge their interest in having a local IIBA chapter.  Receiving over 70 affirmative responses he organized an organizational meeting of those interested.  Over the next several months he orchestrated the building of the leadership team, beginning of the professional development program, development of infrastructure and support services for the newly formed chapter.  The other chapter leaders recognizing Aaron’s passion for business analysis and IIBA, elected him as the first President of the Chapter.

Shortly after forming the chapter, Aaron was the first of the chapter leaders to represent the chapter when participating in the ITT Technical Institute Program Advisory Committee (PAC).  Along with helping ITT Technical Institute develop their curriculum, this helped get the chapter name out to the community. This participation was publicized in the local newspapers.

Since inception Aaron has worked tirelessly to increase the chapter reach and get the community involved in its professional development programs.  He helped the chapter leaders to design and develop a membership and marketing brochure.  The chapter will use this brochure to continually reach out to organizations within the community to get them involved in the chapter’s programs.

Aaron and the chapter leadership team organized a CIO Panel discussion to give the community opportunity to interact with and get the perspective from business executives in the community.  Aaron used this event to award the chapter’s strongest corporate supporter, Tempur-Sealy; and get a couple of organizations involved with the chapter, Toyota and UK Healthcare.

Aaron helped organize a BABOK v3 Virtual Study Group hosted by the Bluegrass IIBA Chapter.  Through his marketing, this study group saw participation from six individuals in the Bluegrass region, one from Cincinnati, OH, one from Burlington, VT and one from Nashville, TN.

Aaron continuously brings in regional and national speakers to ensure a strong professional development program for the Bluegrass business analysis community.  He has arranged for Terry Wiegmann of Quick Solutions, Elizabeth Larson of Watermark Learning, Kupe Kupersmith of B2T Training and David Mantica of ASPE Training to come to the region to provide the program for the chapter and community.

Aaron led the chapter leadership to develop a Professional Development Workshop in August 2015 as a half-day business analyst training opportunity.  This event saw participation of several of our chapter members and leaders, three new individuals from Galmont Consulting (now SQS-USA), a community member we have seen at a couple of chapter meetings, and a long-time chapter member that we rarely see at chapter meetings.  When it was determined that we did not have attendee surveys to hand out at this workshop, Aaron created an electronic survey to get much needed feedback from the participants to  help the chapter leadership determine if there was demand for this type of opportunity.  From these survey results the chapter leadership has committed to having more workshops in the future.

Aaron has recently reached out to SQS-USA (Galmont Consulting) and TEKsystems to get more involved in the Bluegrass IIBA Chapter program by participating in a Recruiters and Consulting Firm panel discussion.

Aaron helped launch the Bluegrass IIBA Chapter to provide networking and educational opportunities for business analysis professionals of the Bluegrass region.  Aaron wished to raise awareness of the value business analysts bring to organizations, raise awareness of business analysis as a profession and increase the level of business analysis service delivered to organizations of the Bluegrass.