Bluegrass Business Analysis Hall of Fame Class of 2017


  Service to the Bluegrass IIBA Chapter


Inductee: Kathy Leigh


Kathy has served as Vice President of Sponsorship for the Bluegrass IIBA Chapter since its inception in 2013. She has worked tirelessly to increase both annual Chapter Sponsors and Meeting Sponsors for the Chapter. She goes beyond her role by helping the chapter leadership determine what location to hold its events by coordinating that with getting the host to sponsor the meeting. Kathy started sending holiday cards to sponsors and prospective sponsors on behalf of the Chapter, which makes our sponsors feel good and increases goodwill within the community. Kathy is always happy to give her opinion on issues and new ideas that come before the Board, which helps the Board to make decisions on behalf of the Chapter. She volunteers to take on special projects for the Chapter whether they have to do with sponsorship or not. When the program idea came up to do a role play for a chapter meeting, Kathy first volunteered to help write the script for the role play. She added many creative ideas to the script, but also considered and accepted input from other with which she was collaborating. Following that, Kathy volunteered to take a role in the role play for the chapter meeting. In finding new locations to host and sponsor chapter events, Kathy has increased awareness of the Chapter and our mission within the Community. She continues to work to increase awareness for sustainability of the Chapter.


  Service to an Organization within the Bluegrass


Inductee: Cody May, CBAP


After moving to Lexington he began working at Galmont Consulting in March, 2011. He was hired as a Quality Analyst Engineer, but soon proposed to management the idea of expanding Galmont’s service offerings to include business analysis. The idea interested them, and they recognized that Cody’s strong experience in risk and requirements management made him the best person to lead the effort. He was given the title Business Analysis Practice Director, reflecting the fact that not only would he be performing business analysis for clients, but he would also be responsible for establishing and growing the practice within the company. 

Cody was Galmont’s sole BA for about a year, working with several different companies. As clients started recognizing the value of Galmont’s new offering the demand soon increased. By late 2015, and at the same time in which Galmont was acquired by SQS, the company had a team of six BA’s in addition to Cody. The new members came from a variety of different areas and levels of experience. All had utilized business analysis techniques in the past, but there were still wide degrees of variance between their areas of expertise. Fortunately, the training materials Cody had put together gave the team easy access to extensive learning that covered all aspects of business analysis, and he worked with each team member to help them locate the areas that each one needed to focus on the most. As a result, he has built a team with a very wide knowledge base, enabling SQS USA to provide a consistency in their BA offering.

With the new team in place, Cody applied for corporate membership in the IIBA, thereby making each of SQS USA’s Business Analysts individual members. His promotion of the IIBA encouraged several of the BA’s to start attending meetings of the local Bluegrass chapter, with two of them even getting involved as board members. At the same time several team members started expressing an interest in earning CBAP certification, an interest that Cody not only strongly endorsed but one that he wanted to pursue himself. Cody worked with the Bluegrass chapter to arrange a BABOK and CBAP preparation study group, giving his team a chance to both prepare for the exam as well as satisfying the Professional Development requirement for certification. The group was very successful and was attended by several people outside of SQS, and even from other organizations outside of the Lexington area, including SQS’s other recent acquisition, Trissential. He also arranged for SQS to pay for each employee’s attendance within the study group, as well as for the fees for applying for certification and taking the exam. It was yet another example of Cody’s dedication to helping others learn and improve their skills.

Now that what had started as a small, Lexington-based company is part of a large international organization, Cody continues to find ways to improve SQS USA’s Business analysis offering. He has reached out to the BA teams at SQS’s other national groups to look for ways to collaborate and share information, and he is working on making training opportunities available for the Lexington group through the British Computer Society, again subsidized by the company. 

Cody’s long-time and continued devotion to improving the business analysis practice within SQS, both nationally and internationally, is an inspiring example of how one person can selflessly improve the strengths and abilities of others, thereby improving the impact that SQS makes on its clients. 


  Advancement of the Profession in the Bluegrass


Inductee: Eric-Stephan Neill, PMP, CSCP


Eric has served as the Certification officer, first as Vice President of Certification and then Director of Certification, for the Bluegrass IIBA Chapter since its inception in 2013.

In the first three years of the chapter’s existence Eric has facilitated three study groups for professionals in the Bluegrass region (and beyond) to learn and understand A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® Guide) or obtain IIBA® certification.  As a direct result of Eric’s facilitation of a CBAP® Study Group in early summer 2016, seven professionals have obtained their CBAP® certification, five of which are in the Bluegrass region.

In October 2016, Eric presented at the Bluegrass IIBA Chapter meeting to education participants on the new IIBA® certification program and IIBA’s new approach to competency-based certification.  This was Eric’s second presentation to the Bluegrass IIBA Chapter on certification.  Eric’s first presentation was to a combined meeting of Bluegrass IIBA Chapter and Kentucky Bluegrass PMI Chapter, raising awareness of the business analysis profession to a wider audience in the Bluegrass business community.

Also in October 2016, the Chapter was contacted by an IIBA member from Idaho after seeing our video on YouTube from the 2015 BABOK v3 Study Group that Eric facilitated.  The IIBA member was so impressed by that video that he joined the Chapter.

Eric is an Enterprise Architect with Lexmark International, with 40+ years of business analysis experience in a variety of roles.  He is active with IIBA, PMI, AIPCS and ASUG professional associations in the community.  Eric is a strong supporter for professional certification.