Wednesday, September 23, 2020; 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EDT

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Conference Theme: Disruptions and Transformations: Pivoting, Adapting, Thriving and Leading Through Trying Times

Conference Program (partial presentation abstracts):

Business Analysis in the New Decade

The Bluegrass IIBA Chapter is excited to have Devlin kick-off the BBAC conference. Delvin will give us an in-depth look at International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) look at the future of Business Analysis and their plans to make that happen. We will see how IIBA feels that business analysis will transform over the next decade and how business analysis professionals’ careers will transcend during that time.


Delvin Fletcher


Pivot from Projects to Products: Transforming Your Career

Many organizations are evolving the way they work and have a greater need for Product Owners and Product Managers. Will you be ready for this next step in your career? Come to this interactive session to explore the role of the Product Manager and understand how this can be the next evolution of the Business Analyst.


Dave Saboe


Adaptive Leadership and the BA: Working in an Increasingly Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous Environment

Leadership is no longer about having a positional powerbase. You must start thinking in terms of self-leadership and utilizing the referent powerbase. On top of this the rapid pace of change, disruption and complexity is requiring a comprehensive change in how you think at work, how you conduct your work and how you define the value of what you do.


David Mantica


Lessons I’ve Learned and Keep Learning: A Retrospective on Change and Adapting to It

In this session we will relate the core lessons that business analysts will repeat as they adapt to rapidly changing business environments.  Mr. DeWitt will explain that the art and science of business analysis consists of continual professional learning and growth to lead the business as it changes due to shifts in technology, disruptions in markets. 


David DeWitt


A Consultant’s Retrospective:  7 Ways to be Versatile with Future Business Analysis Stakeholder Relationships

We know as business analysts we must conduct stakeholder analysis to get a better understanding of who our stakeholders are on a project to project basis. But relationships are based on the expectations we have of each other and the trust we have built over time.  Those relationships will impact how we perform our work and the effectiveness of that work.  How do we deal with the diversity of these relationships?  How do we adjust our communications approach? 


Eugenia (Gina) Schmidt


Stories of Navigating a Transformation

You will get to hear four stories of real-world transformations from the person who was in the “eye of the Hurricane”. Each story will provide a specific outcome or learning that was found within the transformation. Transformation are possible, these stories will give you motivation and points to think about when you face your own!

4 Speakers

Felicia Joyner

Cris Casey

David Mantica

Traci Onkst



Know Where You Add Value – A Look at the Business Analyst Role in Data Analytics Initiatives

Advancements in technology have resulted in a data explosion. Businesses continue to scramble to collect, clean, analyze, and apply insights and learnings from their data assets.  This in turn is leading to new ways of creating services, building products, and delivering value to customers. At the core of all of these changes is a shift away from gut-feel decision making to data-driven decision making.


Laura Paton

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