Big Changes Coming to IIBA and Chapter Membership that affect Members and Non-Members…What you need to know!

Friday, March 05, 2021 1:41 PM | Membership IIBA Bluegrass (Administrator)

Changes are coming from IIBA® in the next month or so that affect members and non-members alike. Among these changes in the creation of a “Connections” community, which will have access to IIBA resources and webinars. So, if you are not an IIBA member you will have access to IIBA public webinars. In the changes, if you have a profile on the IIBA website ( that does not have an IIBA chapter identified in the IIBA Chapter field on your profile, you will be placed in this “Connections” community. If you want resources offered by your local IIBA Chapter or Bluegrass IIBA Chapter, then check and, if necessary, change the IIBA chapter on your IIBA profile. By selecting a chapter, you have the resources of that chapter and the Connections community.

The Bluegrass IIBA Chapter is a vibrant chapter where you get the best support for your BA Career. In November 2020 the Bluegrass Chapter won the IIBA Chapter of the Year Award, a significant achievement where the Bluegrass IIBA Chapter competed against all other chapters globally.  Bluegrass IIBA offers resources such as study groups, professional development, and opportunities to network with other Business Analysts across the globe. We partner with other chapters on remote attendance events that are of interest to our members and community.

If you have an IIBA chapter that is local to you that supports your BA career, then you should identify them on your IIBA profile. If you don’t have a local chapter or you get more support for your BA career from the Bluegrass IIBA Chapter, then we would appreciate you changing your IIBA Chapter to “USA_Kentucky_Bluegrass”. Even if you are not an IIBA member this is a way to tell IIBA that you are part of the Bluegrass business analysis community, even if you are not in Kentucky. The Bluegrass Chapter has serviced business analysis professionals across North America and globally for over three years. The Bluegrass Chapter enjoys being of service to the Business Analysis community and we would greatly appreciate your taking the time to select “USA_Kentucky_Bluegrass” as your IIBA Chapter!

This is the last field in the Primary Information on your IIBA profile. Please verify your IIBA Chapter and, if necessary, change it today!

Here is how to check and change your IIBA Chapter:

IIBA® Announcement on Membership Harmonization:

  • Review what Chapter you are currently associated on your profile.
  • If you are not currently part of a Chapter, one will be assigned. For more information, please see Joining a Chapter / Chapter Assignment.
  • If you are already part of a Chapter, you will NOT be re-assigned. 
  • IIBA Members who are outside the range of any geographic Chapter will be assigned to Connections, IIBA’s online global community.


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