All fees collected by the Bluegrass IIBA Chapter are for the specific use of the registered individual for whom payment has been made and are expected to be paid in entirety.  Fees include, but are not limited to meeting attendance fees, membership fees, study group participation fees, annual pass purchase, sponsorship fees and any other applicable fees the chapter may collect.

We understand that sometimes individuals sign up for membership, study groups, workshops or other events, but life or work intervenes, and the customer is unable to attend.

We will review each situation on a case-by-case basis, and depending upon circumstance we may credit the individual’s account such that they can use part or all of the paid fee for future study groups, chapter events, products, membership or annual pass purchase.

However, for chapter meeting, webinar and other chapter event attendance fees $20 or under, we do not provide a refund or credit if you are unable to attend the event.

For study group participation fees, we limit class size for efficiency in instruction and your reservation is holding a seat in the study group.  We request that you cancel your reservation as soon as you know that you cannot attend the study group so that we have the opportunity to fill the study group. You may cancel your reservation online or by emailing the Vice President of Professional Development at Please understand that some study group materials are purchased products. Once purchased, that amount becomes an expense and cannot be returned to you; you will receive an amount net of expenses. If you cancel your reservation at least three weeks prior to the start of the study group, we may offer a credit on your account of up to 80% of net amount. If you cancel your reservation one to three weeks prior to the start of the study group you may receive a credit of up to 30% of net amount. If you cancel your reservation within one week of the start of the study group, you may not receive any credit.

For membership purchase by someone who is not a member of, and does not wish to join, our parent association, the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®); we will convert your membership to an annual pass of length commensurate to the amount you paid in relation to the annual amount for annual pass (currently that is seven months). 

For annual pass, products, or sponsorship purchase, we do not offer refund or credit. 


Based in Lexington, Kentucky and serving all interested Kentucky Business Analysts    

Mailing address:  Bluegrass IIBA Chapter | 1588 Leestown Road, Suite 130-111 | Lexington, KY  40511



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