A Look Back and a Look Ahead (From 2016 To 2017)

Monday, December 19, 2016 6:08 PM | President IIBA Bluegrass (Administrator)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years from the Bluegrass IIBA Chapter.  First, because it is now the holiday season and this is the time traditionally known for giving and helping others, we at the Bluegrass IIBA Chapter would like to encourage you to donate your time and your knowledge to a group that provides mentorship for youth or for adult business development organizations.

As we prepare to close the current year we must first look back at our chapter’s accomplishments during 2016 and allow these accomplishments amongst other things to guide us in our planning for 2017.

Let me remind each of you of the goals and objectives of the Bluegrass IIBA Chapter.

  • Champion Business Analysis (BA) excellence by building in the community to promote BA as a profession
  • Create BA practitioners and leaders who deliver organizational results
  • Build and capitalize on linkages that unify those impacted by BA
  • Bring business analysis educational program to the Bluegrass
  • Provide networking opportunities for business professionals to learn from each other
  • Give business professionals the opportunity to advance their career
  • Raise awareness of the value of business analysis to the organization
  • Bring local, regional, national and international resources to the local business professionals

Bluegrass IIBA – 2016

  • We were announced as the 2016 IIBA Chapter Innovation Award winner. Competing with over 120 IIBA chapters worldwide, we were recognized for innovations including:
  • We created the “BA Feud” game modeled after the hit TV game show “Family Feud”
  • We created the “Bluegrass Business Analysis Hall of Fame” to raise awareness of the business analysis profession in the community.  We inducted our first two honorees in May 2016.  They were Aaron Whittenberger (professional service) and Daryl Keltz (chapter service).
  • We created “BA Talks” video series found on YouTube based on the popular TED talk series
We collaborated with other chapters such as Louisville, Toronto, and Cincinnati to provide value to members of each chapter.
  • We held nine monthly chapter meetings, two networking socials, ten sessions of IIBA certification study group, three meetings, two half-day professional development workshops, an Annual General Meeting and the Hall of Fame induction ceremony.
  • Our chapter has used a variety of formats for our monthly chapter meetings and events including:
  • Presentations
  • Role Play
  • Panel Discussion
  • Webinar
  • Networking Socials
  • Leadership Fair
  • Professional Development Workshops
  • BABOK v2 and BABOK v3 study groups
Bluegrass IIBA – 2017

There was a recent study performed globally where 41% of CEOs believe they will be running significantly transformed organizations within the next three years.  The speed at which the world does business is ever increasing and this is being fueled by technological advancements, increasing use of big data, and more sophisticated customers.  These CEOs will be looking for people to help deliver innovative ideas to support strategic decision making. 

All of this is causing transformation with the global business analysis community.  Business Analysts (BAs) will need to evolve to meet the needs of the business and the business leaders.  This will create new BA techniques and new roles for BAs to fill, the trending role of “Business Relationship Manager” is just such a role.

The Bluegrass IIBA Chapter has dedicated itself to helping business analysts meet the business needs of the future.  In 2017, in addition to the chapter initiatives listed earlier we will focus on community involvement, IIBA certification, bringing value to the individual BA via Chapter Leader Training, discounted BA industry leading books from our sponsor “J. Ross Publishing”, discounted BA industry training from our sponsors “The Solarity Group” and “ASPE Training”.   We also plan to create a Business Analysis Center of Excellence Roundtable to bring value to the Bluegrass area business community.

To communicate these transformations in the business analysis community, the Bluegrass IIBA Chapter is proud to introduce the “Bluegrass BA Connection” newsletter.  We will publish this newsletter quarterly to keep the business community informed of the latest business analysis news and transformations.  This newsletter is intended for business analysis and organizational change practitioners, as well as managers and directors responsible for the delivery of business solutions and support for organizational strategy.

To see how Bluegrass IIBA Chapter can help you keep pace with the business analysis transformations of today and prepare for the transformations of tomorrow or how the chapter can help to advance your career; visit our website (bluegrass.iiba.org), join us at any of our events or email us info@bluegrass.iiba.org.

Terry G. Sundy, Jr.

President, Bluegrass IIBA Chapter



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