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Monday, February 01, 2016 5:00 PM | Aaron Whittenberger, CBAP, CSPO, AAC, CPOA (Administrator)

The start of a new year traditionally is a time where we review the prior year and plan for the upcoming year.  We look to 2016 with renewed focus on delivering value, connections, educational learnings and engagement opportunities.  There are exciting transformations happening in the global business analysis community and the Bluegrass IIBA Chapter has strategic plans to help business analysis professionals and organizations in the Bluegrass region to plug into these transformations.

As I mentioned last month, Terry Sundy, Vice President of Administration and Finance, and I had the opportunity attend the Building Business Capability (BBC), the official conference of IIBA®, in Las Vegas, Nevada.  BBC is a great forum to see the direction that the profession is taking; see the future of business analysis.  There were several themes or areas that we saw that business analysis will be stretching in the coming years.  It may take five to ten years for business transformations to take form, but we plan to keep business analysis professionals informed from the very beginning so they can get in on the ground floor and drive these transformations if that is where their passion for the profession drives them.

During BBC, we saw recurring themes around business architecture, design, business relationship management and strategic enterprise business analysis to drive organizational change.   The one underlying them that all these topics drive toward is adding value.  Business analysis is about adding value to the organization whether strategic, tactical or operational.

Let’s look at these transformations we learned about at BBC and the months since and see how Bluegrass IIBA Chapter plans to help business analysis professionals of the Bluegrass region plug into these changes:

  • Business Architecture is a vast area of a strategic organizational discipline that helps ensure that change initiatives within the organization are aligned with the organization’s strategic goals.  Business Architects do many of the same tasks and techniques that Business Analysts do.  You can expect to see this topic in the upcoming educational program of the chapter.
  • IIBA announced the new Enterprise Business Analysis Core Competency Assessment (EBACC) Framework.  This will be bring increased focus to the enterprise business analysis practice by allowing organizations to measure the maturity of their enterprise practice and increase the level of business analysis service delivered within the organization.  Bluegrass IIBA Chapter is bringing renewed focus to Business Analysis Centers of Excellence (BACoE).  We will gather businesses within the region that have an interest in this topic for roundtable discussions on implementing and maturing a BACoE. Read and reply to news article.
  • IIBA announced the new gold standard in professional business analysis certification to be released in September 2016.  The new IIBA certification program has four levels of competency based framework recognizing increasing levels of maturity along the BA career progression.  We will offer a CBAP Study Group this spring for those interested in obtaining their IIBA certification before the switchover.
  • We will continue to innovate to ensure that we have a progressive educational and networking opportunities for all our members and guests.
  • We will continue to initiate and nurture alliances that bring value to our members and guests, such as those we have with The Solarity Group, Kentucky Bluegrass PMI Chapter, Louisville IIBA Chapter and Cincinnati IIBA Chapter.  We will seek out other professional associations in the community that can bring learning opportunity and strategic value to our members and guests.

There are always opportunities out there for learning and growth, and Bluegrass IIBA Chapter will help our members and guests explore those opportunities to add value to their organization.  To see how Bluegrass IIBA Chapter can help business analysis and organizational change within your organization; visit our website (, join us at any of our eventsor email

Aaron S. Whittenberger, CBAP

President, Bluegrass IIBA Chapter


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