A Small Group of Volunteers Doing Great Things

Sunday, March 15, 2015 12:00 PM | Aaron Whittenberger, CBAP, CSPO, AAC, CPOA (Administrator)

I was impressed by a recent article in the Lexington Herald-Leader about Rebecca Webb, Mike Thomas and what a hand-full of people can accomplish when they combine their resources and work toward a common goal.


Let me tell you about another small group of volunteers working right here in Lexington to help businesses do business better.

Change is the Only Constant in Business

The only thing you can count on in business and in life is change.  Things never stay the same, change is inevitable.  The recent Healthcare legislation is the perfect example.  Likewise things don’t stay the same in the business analysis space.  The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®) is dedicated to helping business have better business outcomes by constant maturing of the business analysis profession.  To that end IIBA® has announced the release of The Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® v3.0 (BABOK® Guide v3.0) coming in April.  The BABOK® Guide is the bible for business analysts, it defines the knowledge areas, skills, techniques and tasks of business analysis.  Things have changed so much in the business analysis arena that this BAOBK® Guide is expected to be almost twice the size of the current version of the BABOK Guide.

Your Bluegrass IIBA Chapter is dedicated to the support of the IIBA core purpose. In support of that mission the Bluegrass IIBA Chapter would like to assist business analysis professionals and those interested in business analysis in and around Lexington to understand these changes happening in the business analysis professionals.  We will host a virtual BABOK® v3.0 Study Group beginning in May 2015 to assist those interested in learning the changes in the BABOK® Guide.  Later in the Fall of 2015 we will host a Workshop to assist business professionals to understand some best practices in business analysis.

So as the business environment continually changes, this small group of volunteers that launched the Bluegrass IIBA Chapter a short sixteen months ago will continue to bring together the Bluegrass community of professionals who deliver organizational change to promote best practices in delivering better business outcomes.  We will continue to deliver on the Objectives of the Chapter by championing Business Analysis in the Bluegrass Region and educating business analysis and organizational change professionals on business analysis topics.  To see how Bluegrass IIBA Chapter can help business analysis and organizational change professionals here at home, join us at any of our events or email info@bluegrass.iiba.org .

Aaron S. Whittenberger, CBAP

President, Bluegrass IIBA Chapter




Based in Lexington, Kentucky and serving all interested Kentucky Business Analysts    

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