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BA Career Series Webinar: Your Backlog is Broken - here's how to fix it with Shane Hastie

  • Wednesday, September 27, 2023
  • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Virtual webinar

BA Career Series Webinar: Your Backlog is Broken - here's how to fix it!

In our BA Careers Series we will investigate specialized and complementary careers in business analysis, such as Agile Analyst, Business Relationship Management, Change Management, Product Ownership Analyst, Project Management and others.

Agile software development introduced the backlog as a beautiful, powerful, and delightfully simple tool for managing variability and uncertainty in modern organizations. Unfortunately,  the backlog can also be a major impediment to flow and break the value stream with substantial economic loss. This happens because our traditional model of backlog management presents the backlog as a stack of plates reservoir for the development team.

Agile grew up, and now so does our model of the backlog.

Based on the recently launched book “The Rock Crusher” (available from Amazon or the IIBA) this session introduces a flow-based model for backlog management.

We explore how some organizations are managing their backlogs well, yet others struggle, show how turbulence is necessary for innovation, introduce the waste gate as a way to help focus on doing the right work and show how using a rock crusher helps maximize the value generated for our customers and stakeholders. 

Earn 1 PDU when you attend live.

Presented by Shane Hastie, Global Delivery Lead, SoftEd LLC

Drawing on over 35 years of experience in agile, business analysis, software testing, product development, and organisational change, I am passionate about guiding people as they transform from traditional to modern, more healthy ways of working. My work and experience inspired my first book, #noprojects - A Culture of Continuous Value, which I co-authored with Evan Leybourn.


    Based in Lexington, Kentucky and serving all interested Kentucky Business Analysts    

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