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Volume 17 Issue 2    


National / International Connection

How Amazon Just Changed The $800 Billion Supermarket World

Of the 38, 441 physical supermarkets in the US, every single one of them has struggled with selling online. The majority don't offer it or have avoided the investment by outsourcing it to third parties that put a wedge between them and their customer.... 

Big Picture Thinking: Where Does the Business Analyst Fit In?

Recently my manager and I were having an in-depth discussion about the different levels of a Business Analyst (BA).

How do you figure out a BA to be junior, intermediate, senior and in some cases, principal/lead? Surely an analyst’s thought process and ability to understand...

The BA as a Leader

by Ken Fulmer, President and CEO, IIBA

There are many aspects of leadership that are important, but none more so than the ability to influence an organization to get desired business outcomes. Influence can come from anywhere in an organization, and is not necessarily associated with folks with “manager” in their job title. Influence is really what brings about change and drives an agenda. It is what gets results in an organization...

The Value of the BA Competency Model v4.0

The Business Analysis Competency Model is a research and reference guide designed to equip BA professionals with the information needed to continuously develop skills in real-time, in order to meet the needs of organizations. This model can be used by anyone involved directly or indirectly in the Business Analysis (BA) or related business analysis profession, regardless of their official job role or title... 

Chapter Connection

Upcoming events

June - August - BABOK v3 Study Group

Are you interested in ECBA, CCBA® or CBAP® certification, or just would like to learn more about the content of A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® Guide) version 3. This summer, Bluegrass IIBA Chapter will once again host a virtual BABOK® v3 Study Group for those individuals interested in IIBA® certification or learning the BABOK® Guide to better their career...

August 16, 2017 - Why Do Business Analysis, Really?

The purpose of business analysis is supposedly to define a future that will allow an organization to achieve specific goals and objectives. In reality, the purpose of business analysis can be anything from mindlessly scribbling down “requirements” to predicting the future of the known universe... 

Three join Bluegrass Business Analysis Hall of Fame

Bluegrass IIBA Chapter inducts the second class to the Bluegrass Business Analysis Hall of Fame.  This year's class contained three professionals. The Bluegrass Business Analysis Hall of Fame recognizes individuals for their contribution to the advancement of the business analysis profession in the Bluegrass region...


Are you maximizing your Chapter membership benefits?

The Bluegrass IIBA Chapter is a non-profit professional association established in August 2013 to serve the business community of central and eastern Kentucky. We welcome professionals of all disciplines who deliver organizational change including business analysis, business management, project management, product management, quality assurance and control, change management, consultants and recruiters.

We offer a plethora of opportunities... 

Bluegrass IIBA Chapter offers SMS event notification

The Bluegrass IIBA Chapter is pleased to announce we now have the capability to send SMS text message to you as an event notification option. You will be able to register for our events directly from your mobile device. Opt in to our new SMS text messaging service on the bottom right of our homepage...

Local Connection

Bluegrass Business Spotlight...The Solarity Group


The Solarity Group is a professional change, project, program, and portfolio management and business consulting and training services firm based in Kentucky. Solarity provides certified, experienced change, project, and program managers and business consultants to assist government agencies and businesses with specific efforts to enable them to focus their resources on what they do best. Solarity also provides business consulting in strategic planning and business analysis. Additionally, Solarity is a Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) for the Project Management Institute (PMI) and a Microsoft Partner specializing in Enterprise Project Management (EPM) using Microsoft Project and Microsoft Project Server.... 

A Day in the Life of the IT Analyst

In the analyst role in Information Technology, I learned that the most important responsibility is to gain a clear understanding of the business requirements and accurately document captured requirements and business processes to include non-system related business rules that will impact the functional logic.  The goal is to gather good clear requirements that support the customer’s expectations of the software deliverable.  This is best acquired through working in the business process with the user to observe each step completed to achieve a specific desired result and gain an accurate clear understanding of why the user is completing each step.  This is called Genchi Genbutsu, a Toyota Production System term that suggests... 

Marksbury Farm's product is meat, but it starts with grass

The operation began with a partnership that bet on consumers becoming more conscious of how their meat was grown, nurtured and slaughtered. The group figured that customers would pay more for beef that was grass-fed and for local consumption. Besides cattle, the farm raises lambs, hogs and chickens... 

Solar panels let Scott Co. man return electricity to KU

Last week, Russ Whitney's electricity meter in Scott County started running backwards. The Newtown Pike homeowner completed construction of a solar array that converts sunlight into electric current--enough to power his 2 1/2-story, 3,190-square foot home. "I've been using zero watts from KU since we went online, and sometimes the meter shows minus 1," Whitney said... 

Ex-Cat Marquis Estill joins coaching staff

Former University of Kentucky basketball player Marquis Estill has found a new coaching home. Georgetown College head coach Chris Briggs announced Monday that Estill and former Transylvania University player and assistant coach Barrett Meyer have joined the Tigers as full-time assistant coaches...



We at Bluegrass IIBA Chapter realize that your successes and challenges can be great lessons learned for others; therefore, we encourage you to donate your time and experience to local groups that provide mentorship to youth or professional development for adults. Let's enrich our community by helping others advance or prepare for new careers.  

Beginning in August 2016, members are able to attend Bluegrass IIBA Chapter meetings for free (some restrictions apply). Remember to renew your membership to continue to enjoy the benefits of membership. Do you have more than 10 professionals who perform business analysis in your organization?  Then the IIBA Corporate Membership and Bluegrass IIBA Corporate Membership programs may be for you.

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