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  • Wednesday, June 28, 2023 12:59 PM | Professional Development IIBA Bluegrass (Administrator)

    The Professional Development (PD) Committee met two weeks ago and put forth suggestions for chapter meeting speakers and topics for our Fall 2023 schedule.

    As you know we do take the summer (June and July) off from chapter meetings so that our community, members and chapter leaders can take family vacation while kids are out of school. 

    Once the suggestions are developed by the PD Committee, we contact the proposed speakers to see if they have interest in presenting to our community and are available. We get the presentation abstract and speaker biography so that we can promote the events. 

    When we return in August, we'll have the following topics for you: 

     Date Speaker  Title 
     8/15/23 Traci Onkst, David Mantica  The Agile Business Analyst Role  
     9/20/23 Gina Schmidt   Visual Modeling to Engage Stakeholders
     10/18/23 Rachel Wilterdink, CBAP  12 Questions to Elicit Business Intelligence Requirements
     11/15/23 Dr. Michael White, CBAP, AAC, CBDA, CPOA  Agile Documentation Best Practices 

    We hope to see you at these chapter meetings and our other events in the fall.

  • Thursday, June 08, 2023 8:13 AM | Professional Development IIBA Bluegrass (Administrator)

    During yesterday's webinar on Essential Requirements Practices with Karl Wiegers, we were not able to answer all the questions during the Q&A time. So we did send the questions to Karl and got his answers.


    Do you think that multiple THEN statements should be included within the one acceptance criteria statement rather than splitting out each THEN statement into separate acceptance criteria statements?


    If a single test (that is, a single combination of GIVEN and WHEN) yields multiple outcomes, I would list them all as part of the THEN clause, because they all must be satisfied to say the test was passed.


    What do you think about ‘obvious’ requirements?
    For an example, users get annoyed because the new BI report does not allow them download the output data directly into Excel format. Instead, the tool outputs to CSV and then 90% of users end up having to open the files in Excel and then re-saving the file as a .xlsx

    The developers respond ‘sorry – but you did not request that feature in requirements’. If you want to give us more money, you can get it in Release 3 (2 years from now if it ever comes..)’
    The users reply, ‘Seriously, you built us 4 similar reports before this, already after the first report we asked for direct to .xlsx download, and you went ahead and built that in report 2 and 3. We all even agreed that it was best practice since most of the users are manipulating the file in Excel. Oh, and by the way, the CSV file is 100 MB, whereas the .xlsx version is 10 MB so it saves a lot of IT bandwidth by users downloading smaller files from the network. Why do we have to ask over again


    My feeling is that if a requirement is not specified somewhere, no one should be surprised if that requirement doesn't appear in the product.  This case is an example of assumed requirements, coupled with inadequate communication. What is obvious to one party may not be obvious to another, particularly if (a) the people have changed since the earlier requirement was implemented or the change was made and/or (b) that previous requirement or change request was not clearly documented somewhere.

    In this case, the fact that there was a pattern of including this particular requirement previously might not have been known to the BA or development team, even if the users knew about it. If that information was available, then the BA perhaps did not do a good enough job of examining the records from the previous report implementations to see the pattern. The BA (or dev team) might have simply implemented what the users asked for, instead of properly eliciting and analyzing the new requirements. The BA could have asked questions like, "I see we added the capability for direct to .xlsx download to the previous reports. Do you want that here as well?"

    This is the kind of problem that can arise when requirements are not properly elicited, documented, and referred to when changes or enhancements are made. Relying on human memories for these details is risky and imperfect. It would be worthwhile for the participants to talk together to understand why that unstated and assumed requirement was overlooked and adjust their process to make such oversights less likely in the future.


    How to approach when the overall business processes are being refined based on the results of a project, given that users have negative past experience with the solution?


    Here's what we say about that on page 93 of the book:

    Some new information systems either impose or accompany changes in an organization’s business processes. It’s hard for users who are accustomed to doing their jobs in a certain way to envision a whole new mode of working; some of them will resist the change. Too often, new system implementations simply repave existing cow paths, updating the interface while retaining outdated and inefficient processes. Significant process and application changes can push users out of their comfort zone. Those changes sometimes require additional training and alter, or even threaten, employees’ jobs.

    Influential user representatives who work with the software team to develop and
    evaluate prototypes can ease that uncomfortable transition. A BA, a user experience
    designer, and some users can explore ways that a system could support new business workflows. It’s better to address potential points of user resistance during prototyping than after the new system goes live. This engagement also builds trust and buy-in from the user participants regarding the new future state, so they can lead others in the organization through the transition.

    Thank you for the answers Karl! 

  • Tuesday, June 06, 2023 3:38 PM | Recognition IIBA Bluegrass (Administrator)

    Congratulations to Ann Hage on achieving her Business Data Analytics Certification! 


    Ann Hage, CBAP, CBDA

    Ann Hage is a Business Systems Analyst for Bastian Solutions, A Toyota Advanced Logistics Company.  After having worked in the healthcare sector for over 30 years, the majority of which was focused on the development of laboratory and genetics information systems, Ann took a leap of faith into the world of global material handling system integration.  Although the two industries could not be further apart, Ann’s love of the BA profession has enabled her to leverage her skills and transition into her new role with confidence.

    After earning the designation of Certified Business Analyst Professional (CBAP®) certification in 2020, Ann decided to formalize her love for using data and begin her next certification journey.  In her role as a BA, Ann often used data to identify patterns, quantify and prioritize issues and explore / recommend potential solutions.  In 2022 Ann attended the Bluegrass IIBA CBDA Study group and passed her exam on May 11, 2023, earning her Certification in Business Data Analytics (IIBA®-CBDA).  She attributes her certification success to her love of the professional and endless opportunities for growth that are available through the IIBA.  

    In her role as the Director of Certification for the Bluegrass IIBA chapter, Ann enjoys engaging with the community to highlight the value of certification, facilitating certification study groups and sharing her love for the BA profession. 

  • Tuesday, May 09, 2023 3:55 PM | Professional Development IIBA Bluegrass (Administrator)

    Congratulations to Tonja Walls on achieving the CBAP Certification!


    Tonja Walls is a Business Analyst with the Oregon Department of Justice in Salem, Oregon. She has rarely carried the job title of “Business Analyst” but realized in early 2020, after taking an introductory business analysis class, that most of her 24 ½ years with the agency has been spent working in the business analysis role. That realization combined with the passion for business analysis work sparked a new focus for Tonja’s career, and within a month after the class she was promoted to a business analyst position within the Administrative Services Division of the State agency. 

    Driven by her desire to become educated and proficient in business analysis standards and practices, she began studying for the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) certification in 2021 and applied to take the exam in Spring of 2022. However, she did not commit the time, energy, and resources needed to take the exam until the exam was scheduled.

    Tonja sat for the CBAP® exam on May 2, 2023, and passed on the first attempt, which was the week after completing the Bluegrass IIBA Chapter’s BABOK® Study Group. The Study Group was a critical component to her success; it provided her the tools, engagement, and encouragement she needed to be successful. The knowledge and skills learned through IIBA these last couple years has enabled her to be more effective and well-rounded as a business analyst. She is recognized by her agency as a senior Business Analyst, who is often called upon to coach, mentor, and lead her peers.

    When Tonja is not on-the-clock, she is enjoying time with her family and friends doing crafts, going camping, planning and organizing events, doing photography, and vacationing all over the USA. She has been blessed with being married for almost 30 years, and for her three amazing children. In a continuing effort to expand her knowledge, Tonja will begin studying for project management certification next month, and she plans to obtain additional IIBA certifications in the future.

    Bluegrass IIBA Chapter is planning another BABOK Study group starting in September 2023; keep an eye on the chapter website for the announcement.

  • Sunday, April 30, 2023 3:33 PM | Finance IIBA Bluegrass (Administrator)

    Were you unable to attend the Bluegrass Business Analysis Conference last Friday? You can still get the content from the conference, just purchase the conference content. You will be able to watch the video recordings from sessions, including the two keynote addresses, and receive the presentation slides from the presenters who shared them with the audience. Use the button below to purchase the conference content.


  • Sunday, April 30, 2023 3:02 PM | Finance IIBA Bluegrass (Administrator)

    Another successful conference!

    The fourth annual Bluegrass Business Analysis Conference (BBAC) was held on Friday, April 28, 2023. It was a full day professional development educational experience seeing over 60 people attend. It emphasized 15 track presentations and two keynotes. Dr. Joe Perez delivered the morning keynote address, and Pamela Paterson, CBAP, delivered the afternoon keynote address. This year's conference highlighted a great line-up of presenters that the Bluegrass business analysis community has come to expect from the BBAC conference and Bluegrass IIBA Chapter. It highlighted first time presenters Yulia Kosarenko, Jessie Perez, Tomette Kirk, George Bridges, Jamie Champagne, Bruce Gay and Pamela Paterson. As well as welcomed back some who have presented before Dr. Joe Perez, David Mantica, Nadine Millner, Niel Magsombol, Cris Casey and more. 

    Responses on feedback surveys as well as the conference feedback survey show that the attendees thoroughly enjoyed the conference. 

    View the BBAC Conference Program:

  • Thursday, April 20, 2023 8:06 AM | Recognition IIBA Bluegrass (Administrator)

    Congratulations to Christopher Copeland on obtaining the CBAP® Certification!


    Christopher Copeland, CBAP

    Christopher Copeland is a Business Analyst with the Lansing Board of Water and Light (BWL) in Lansing, Michigan.  He holds master's degrees in English and Theology, along with continuing education certificates in business process management, project management, and data analytics.  Ten years ago, after careers in technical writing, education and church ministry, Christopher returned to the business world, targeting a business analyst role. He worked in the manufacturing industry for five years before joining BWL as a systems analyst. At BWL, he has led several process improvement initiatives, and contributed to business process documentation and standardization supporting the organization's Asset Management initiative. This organizational initiative led to the first ISO 55000 Asset Management certification granted to a utility in the state of Michigan. In his current role, Christopher serves as the functional lead for a small group of contractors and employees who are building out a data warehouse tracking key performance indicators for the Operations Division of the company.  

    Through the IIBA, Christopher was able to prepare for and obtain his Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) certification in March of 2023. Along with two of IIBA's endorsed education providers, he also drew on the resources of the Bluegrass IIBA Chapter, joining the chapter's study group for weekly meetings over a few months. Through reading, discussion and practice quizzes, he and the other chapter study group participants sharpened one another's knowledge and skills to reach a shared goal of business analysis excellence.

    When he is not planning, monitoring, eliciting, collaborating, managing requirements, analyzing strategy, defining designs, or evaluating solutions, you can usually find Christopher wearing mountain bike shoes, kayak shoes or hiking boots. In the coming years he hopes to add cross country ski boots and snowshoes to his recreational footwear arsenal. He and his wife Dawn have two grown children, a daughter studying for a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, and a son who is studying Cyber Security with the hope of joining a mysterious Federal agency where every employee has the title "analyst."

  • Monday, April 17, 2023 1:24 PM | Recognition IIBA Bluegrass (Administrator)

    Congratulations to Peter Lutz on his latest career achievement!


    Peter Lutz, CSPO, AAC 

    Peter Lutz earned his IIBA® Agile Analysis Certification (IIBA®-AAC) last week after just completing the Agile Analysis Study Group provided by the Bluegrass IIBA Chapter. Peter says about the study group, “It was a small group and I felt there was a strong commitment to learning and professional development. Aaron did a fantastic job and I'd gladly participate in a study group with him as the instructor again.”

    Peter is a seasoned I.T. professional with strong skills in Business Analysis, Project Leadership, Relationship Management and Business Process Management. Peter's focus has been on defining the problem scope, creation and refinement of business and functional requirements and in ensuring that the software developed and deployed achieves the desired business results.

    Peter has experience in Agile and Waterfall delivery models and has earned the CSPO® (Certified Scrum Product Owner®) designation from Scrum Alliance. In addition, he holds the FLMI (Fellow Life Management Institute), the Associate Customer Service (ACS) and Associate Information Technology (AIT) certifications from the Insurance Institute of America. Peter has also completed a graduate certificate in Information Systems at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT).

    Peter completed the AAC certification to round out his knowledge of agile development/delivery. Peter currently works as a Senior Specialist at Deloitte Consulting where he assists clients with their digital transformation initiatives.

    In his spare time, Peter enjoys travel, fine dining, and spending quality time with friends and family. In addition, Peter enjoys caring for Callie, a female Golden Retriever whom he rescued with his wife.

    Peter highly recommends the Bluegrass IIBA study group in helping prepare for an IIBA Certification, saying “I would strongly recommend taking this course offered by the Bluegrass IIBA chapter as being a very worthwhile investment of time and money. It greatly helped me and gave me the confidence that I could study and be able to apply the material. I also learned a few things like 3 Amigos that I had not heard of previously.”

    The IIBA Certification Program has general certifications that support the business analyst throughout their career, as well as specialist certifications in Agile, Cybersecurity, Business Data Analytics and Product Ownership Analysis.  

  • Wednesday, April 05, 2023 10:56 AM | Finance IIBA Bluegrass (Administrator)

    Bluegrass IIBA Chapter Board of Directors elections will be open for the last two weeks of April, with results announced at our Annual General Meeting on May 17, 2023. 

    This year, four Board positions are up for election: Vice President of Administration and Finance, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Vice President of Membership, and Vice President of Professional Development.  Three incumbents are running to retain their roles with the Bluegrass IIBA Chapter, with a new officer running for the VP of Membership role. See our Meet the Candidates to see who will be seeking positions on the Bluegrass IIBA Chapter Leadership Team. 

    Elections will be open April 17 to 28, 2023. Active members of the Bluegrass IIBA Chapter will receive an email to cast their vote electronically. Please vote for those you wish to drive the direction of the Bluegrass IIBA Chapter into the future.

    If you have any questions or inquiries concerning elections of this slate of officers, please direct your inquiry to

    2023 Bluegrass IIBA Chapter Leader Candidates 

  • Sunday, April 02, 2023 6:13 PM | Finance IIBA Bluegrass (Administrator)

    The program schedule for the Bluegrass Business Analysis Conference (BBAC) is now available. You will see the same great line-up of speakers that you have come to expect from the Bluegrass IIBA Chapter. This year you will hear from Yulia Kosarenko, Bruce Gay, Jamie Champagne, Neil Magsombol, Jessie Perez and more. Dr. Joe Perez and Pamela Paterson will deliver the keynote addresses. Check out the full schedule and get registered!

    Also checkout the workshop schedule for Thursday, April 27, 2023



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