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Saturday, July 01, 2017 8:41 AM | Professional Development IIBA Bluegrass (Administrator)

Bluegrass IIBA Chapter is the local association for the advancement of the business analysis profession in the Bluegrass region.  It was established here in Lexington, KY in August 2013 to serve the Bluegrass business community. Our mission is to bring together the Bluegrass community of professionals who deliver organizational change to promote best practices in delivering better business outcomes.   The Chapter intends to accomplish this mission by:


·        Championing Business Analysis excellence by providing an educational program, promoting best practices, and creating opportunities for local practitioners to grow personally and professionally.

·        Developing Business Analysis practitioners and leaders who deliver organizational results.

·        Cultivating alliances with organizations in the community to advance the profession in the Bluegrass.

·        Providing networking opportunities for business professionals to learn from each other.

You can see from the Chapter’s vision, mission and objectives statements that the business analysis practitioner is at the heart of the chapter program.  You should be aware that not all business analysis practitioners have the job title “Business Analyst”.  You may be surprised how many people within the organization do business analysis work.  If you work with stakeholders to understand the current state and their needs, help discover which change initiatives the organizations should invest in to deliver the maximum value, deliver business solutions, or consult business management you are a business analysis professional.

Now that you know you are a business analyst, do you use the professional development program of Bluegrass IIBA Chapter to advance your own career?  Have you participated in:

1.      Chapter Meetings

The chapter meeting is the corner stone of the chapter’s professional development program.  The chapter holds at least nine (9) chapter meetings per year.  They are held monthly from August through May.  Each meeting has a different topic that would be of value to the business analyst.

2.      Workshops

A workshop is more in depth training than chapter meetings.  They typically have some combination of education and student activities to maximize the learning experience.  They typically are longer in duration than the one-hour chapter meeting, and are offered on a variety of business analysis topics.

3.      Social Events

Social events, sometimes referred to as networking events do not offer an educational program.  They allow our members and participants to discuss the “hot” topics of the day, or any topic they wish at their leisure.  Our annual social event is our Winter Networking Social held in December of each year.  Our social events do typically contain some element of food!

4.      BABOK / CBAP Study Groups

Whether you are interested in learning the content of A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® Guide) or obtaining your IIBA® certification join our BABOK / CBAP Study Group.  Whichever your purpose for participating in the study group, it will set you apart and help you advance your career.

5.      IIBA Professional Development Material

IIBA International has many materials aimed at helping advance your professional career all over their website (  As a service to our community, we have brought these all together and put them in one place for easy access (  Some of these resources are members-only, but some are available for the community.

6.      Professional Development Reference Material

As another service to our community, we have scoured the internet and found many resources that business analysis professionals can use to advance their own careers.  We have brought all these resources together and put them in one place for easy access (  Now you don’t have to scour the internet yourself.  We also maintain a list of Upcoming Business Analysis Webinars (

7.      Members-only Section of Bluegrass IIBA Chapter website

We have a members-only section on our website where we have not only all the recordings of our past chapter meetings and BABOK study groups, but we have some more business analysis material from the internet made available just for our members.

8.      BA Talks Video Series

Have you stared in a BA Talks video?  This is your opportunity to grow professionally and give back to the community by mentoring others on business analysis topics.  Contact the chapter for assistance in producing your BA Talks video and have it included in our video series.

If you have not yet partaken of this innovative and exciting professional development program and all its resources, then I personally invite you to do so.  I have met many great, passionate and conscientious professionals in my work with the Bluegrass IIBA Chapter.  It has been my pleasure to develop and continually mature this program for the benefit of our Bluegrass community.  I hope every business analysis professional gets value from participating in the program.


Aaron S. Whittenberger, CBAP

Vice President of Professional Development

Bluegrass IIBA Chapter

Lexington, KY


Based in Lexington, Kentucky and serving all interested Kentucky Business Analysts    

Mailing address:  Bluegrass IIBA Chapter | 1588 Leestown Road, Suite 130-111 | Lexington, KY  40511



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