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  • Tuesday, October 22, 2019 7:05 PM | Recognition IIBA Bluegrass (Administrator)


    BA Collaborative in front of the Vermont State House in Montpelier, VT. From left to right: Chary Scott, Alex Geller, Helen Linda, and Kayla Robinson

    Three Vermont chapter members participated in the 2019 BABOK v.3 Virtual Study Group and passed their respective certification exams this fall. They also participated in a bi-weekly BA Collaborative group led by fellow Business Analyst, Alex Geller (CCBA), discussing application of BABOK techniques as well as certification exam tips as tricks. Both groups, along with intensive individual study, were instrumental in their collective success.

    Kayla Robinson, CCBA is a Business Analyst with GPI/Greenman-Pedersen, Inc. based in Albany, NY. GPI is an engineering and construction services consulting firm specializing in the innovative design and construction of transportation infrastructure and building projects. Kayla has been a consultant analyst with the State of Vermont Agency of Digital Services supporting the Agency of Transportation on their Construction Management System replacement project for 5 years.

    Chary Loadholt Scott, CBAP is an IT Business Analyst with the State of Vermont Agency of Digital Services supporting the Agency of Human Services in Waterbury, VT. ADS is a team of information technology professionals providing services and resources to partner Agencies in state government. Chary has been an analyst for 7 years specializing in public safety, health, and social services projects.

    Helen Linda, CBAP is a Continuous Improvement Program Manager with the State of Vermont Agency of Transportation as a member of the Performance and Strategic Initiatives Section in Montpelier, VT. The section leverages data and people to promote a culture continuous improvement at VTrans. Helen has been an analyst for 4 years specializing in health and transportation projects and 10 years in library projects.

    Bluegrass IIBA Chapter's Winter 2020 BABOK Study Group is scheduled. Register early to ensure you receive study material well in advance of the start of the study group.  

  • Thursday, October 03, 2019 12:11 PM | Marketing IIBA Bluegrass (Administrator)


    The Board of Directors of the Bluegrass IIBA Chapter has decided to open the remote attendance option for chapter meetings to anyone who would like to take advantage of this option. The option was always open to people who were not in the Kentucky – Indiana area so that they could attend remotely. The Board has decided to make this option available to our primary customer base as well.

    “We realize that the business environment is changing, and our customer and member demands are changing right along with it” says Aaron Whittenberger, Vice President of Professional Development. He added “this action is in response to those changing needs.” Vice President of Marketing and Communication, Bill Powers noted “we are all busy and not everyone has the time to go somewhere to attend a meeting but may have the time to attend remotely”.

    “This will remove the face-to-face networking that has always been part of our meeting” added Kathy Leigh, President of the Bluegrass IIBA Chapter. She added “but not everyone wants that.” The Board makes this change realizing that it cuts down the time commitment of attendees. Attendees can be online at 6:20 p.m. (Eastern time) to hear chapter news and the presentation topic of the meeting. So, it cuts out the first 20 minutes of networking time and drive time.

    For those that wish to network, our groups will continue to physically meet in Lexington, Louisville, Owensboro and Burlington, VT. For those that don't want to network or want reduced time commitment, the remote option is available.

    The idea was originally brought to the Board in September by Vice President of Sponsorship LeShai Phelps. The Board discussed it and tabled it to gain further feedback. They found desire to have this option. Some participants say that even though they like to attend in person, having a fall back option when they can’t get to the place or don’t have the time is a nice option.

    Chapter meeting registrants will now be asked if they intend to attend in person or remotely during the registration process. This is done just so the remote attendee link can be sent to those who want it. Aaron noted that this opens our programs on where we can pull participants from geographically. We had over 60 people participate in our study groups this year; half of them were not in the Kentucky, Indiana, Vermont geographic regions. Bluegrass IIBA Chapter is hoping this brings value to their participants and they see increased attendance at chapter meetings.

  • Tuesday, September 24, 2019 9:25 AM | Recognition IIBA Bluegrass (Administrator)


    Congratulations to our newest IIBA®-AAC Certification Recipient


                                     Ken Vander Horn, AAC

    Ken Vander Horn, AAC is a senior Business Systems Analyst at IDEXX Laboratories in Westbrook, Maine. Ken has been an analyst over 20 years specializing in business systems analyst for the last 9 years. Agile has been a part of his experience since he first start working with Agile teams back in 2005. He participated in this year's Agile Analysis Study Group provided by the chapter, and passed the IIBA® Agile Analysis Certification exam on Friday, September 20, 2019.

    IDEXX Laboratories is a global organization focusing on companion animal healthcare. They are in the business of helping Veterinarians provide the highest care they can to our pets. Ken is a founder of the IDEXX Analyst Community, a global community that promotes business analysis excellence through the IIBA materials and competencies. The community is nearly 900 members strong and hosts events that help analyst at IDEXX learn about IDEXX, grow their skills as an analyst, and connect with other across the organization. 

    The IDEXX Analyst Community is proud to be the 2019 recipient of the IIBA® Corporate Leadership Excellence in the Advancement of the Practice of Business Analysis award to be presented at the IIBA conference (BBC) in November. If you are attending be sure to say hello to Ken.

  • Monday, September 09, 2019 8:00 AM | Recognition IIBA Bluegrass (Administrator)

    Congratulations to our newest IIBA®-AAC Certification Recipient


    Aaron Whittenberger, CBAP, CSPO, AAC

    Aaron passed the IIBA®-AAC exam on Sunday, September 8, 2019. He participated in this year's Agile Analysis Study Group provided by the chapter. Aaron credits the study group for excellent teaching and providing the knowledge to be able to pass the exam.

    Aaron Whittenberger has 30 years of Business and Information Technology experience, including 17 years of business analysis and 15 years as a Consultant. He earned his Certified Business Analyst ProfessionalTM (CBAP®) certification in 2008, and his Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO®) in 2018.

    Aaron is Founding President of the Bluegrass IIBA Chapter, as well as has served the IIBA® as Regional Director of the Americas Eastern Region and the Chairperson of the Role Delineation Committee, responsible for the relevancy and validity of the IIBA® certification program. He is a 2016 Inductee into the Bluegrass Business Analysis Hall of Fame.

    Aaron lives in Independence, KY and has four children. He recently retired from umpiring high school baseball, but still enjoys watching his kids play soccer, football and baseball.

  • Tuesday, July 30, 2019 10:38 AM | Community IIBA Bluegrass (Administrator)


    Owensboro, KY – Bluegrass IIBA Chapter announces the launch of the Owensboro IIBA Branch. Bluegrass IIBA Chapter brings a business analysis educational and networking program to the great Commonwealth of Kentucky, with a goal of promoting the business analysis profession throughout the entire state. To accomplish this goal this outreach to Owensboro will allow business analysis professionals in and around Owensboro to congregate there to participate in the Bluegrass Chapter programs. “We’re excited about this opportunity to bring our programs into the western hemisphere of the state, and really appreciate those leaders in Owensboro that are working with us to make this happen, especially Brad Logsdon of Swedish Match.” says Aaron Whittenberger, Vice President of Professional Development for Bluegrass IIBA Chapter.

    The first few meetings in the fall of 2019 will be held at Swedish Match. The first meeting will be held on August 21st, and will explore The 7 Principles of Agile Business Analysis.  Following these first meetings, the leadership group in Owensboro will decide whether they wish to rotate meetings around the city or continue to hold them at Swedish Match. You do not have to be a long-time or full-time business analyst, or even hold the Business Analyst job title to join the group. If you have interest in organizational change and helping organizations achieve better business outcomes, come network with the group in Owensboro and see what business analysis is all about.

    Bluegrass IIBA Chapter is headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky. Owensboro joins the Kentuckiana Branch in Louisville as branch operations of the chapter. The Chapter has outreach to the east side of the state and south of Lexington to explore the opportunities for branch operations in those areas.

    You can view what Owensboro IIBA has going on at Come check us out, you are always welcome!

  • Friday, July 19, 2019 9:16 AM | Recognition IIBA Bluegrass (Administrator)

    Congratulations to Kathy Leigh on passing the Certified Business Analysis Professional exam:


    Kathy Leigh passed the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) exam on Thursday, July 18th, to become the first student of the 2019 BABOK® Study Group to become certified. Kathy is a charter member of the Bluegrass IIBA Chapter, and member of the inaugural Board of Directors as Vice President of Membership and Sponsorship. Shortly thereafter, the Board split that position into two positions and Kathy became the Vice President of Sponsorship. In this role, she worked tirelessly to increase both annual Chapter Sponsors and meeting sponsors for the Chapter. Kathy was elected President of the Chapter in 2018.

    Kathy is a Certified Advanced Facilitator as well as a Certified Business Analysis Professional™ with 30 years of experience in Information Technology, including 25 years in project and program management, and IT business analysis. Kathy earned a BS in Chemical Engineering and an MBA from the University of Kentucky. She currently dedicates her time to teaching college students at University of Phoenix to prepare them to find fulfilling jobs in IT and Project Management. Kathy also volunteers for Junior Achievement. She loves thoroughbred horse racing and has been to tracks all over the United States, Canada and UK, but thinks Keeneland is the best racetrack in the world. Kathy is a 2017 Inductee into the Bluegrass Business Hall of Fame.

  • Tuesday, July 16, 2019 8:16 PM | Membership IIBA Bluegrass (Administrator)

    Bluegrass IIBA Chapter ran a membership promotion for the first part of the year. For this promotion professionals in the community had the opportunity to earn a discount code to join the chapter or renew their membership or annual pass. Each engagement with the chapter also earned people an entry into a drawing for fabulous membership prizes. The Chapter Board of Directors held the drawing and announce the prize winners

    1. Grand Prize = IIBA International and Bluegrass IIBA Chapter Membership ($161 Value) – Jonathan Hill
    2. Second Prizes = Participate in Bluegrass IIBA Study Group for free ($50 - $150 Value) – Sue Knies and Judeth Tarter
    3. Third Prizes = Bluegrass Chapter Membership or Annual Pass ($36 - $60 Value) – Kathy Leigh, Bill Powers, Bill Phillips
    4. Fourth Prizes = $25 Texas Roadhouse Gift Card ($25 Value) – Brent Shannon, Helen Linda, Marlene Gaidzik, Jami Johnson
    Prize winners will be notified and prizes distributed to them. Sixty-six people participated in the membership promotion, with eight (8) people received the discount code and will save $12 on their next renewal, to join the chapter, or on the purchase of an annual pass. Eleven people were within one or two events of receiving the entire code. The Chapter Leadership Team thanks everyone who participated in the promotion and engaged with the chapter in the first half of the year. Congratulations to the prize winners.
  • Friday, July 05, 2019 1:40 PM | Professional Development IIBA Bluegrass (Administrator)


    Bluegrass IIBA Chapter announces that their chapter membership has reached 60 for the first time in its five (5) year history. “It has been a challenge to get membership to this level, and I feel that the way we price our events have helped us reach this milestone” says Aaron Whittenberger, Vice President of Professional Development. Aaron continues to explain, “We currently have a BABOK Study Group going on and have 31 participants in that study group. Many of them were already chapter members, some were members of IIBA® (International Institute of Business Analysis) and joined our chapter to get the discount for participating in the study group. We price our events to bring out that membership value.”

    Bluegrass IIBA Chapter has an Agile Analysis Study Group beginning on August 13, 2019, for those interested in studying for the IIBA® Agile Analysis Certification (IIBA®-AAC) or just learning the content of the Agile Extension of the BABOK® Guide. The study group will teach the finer points of the Analyst role in the agile framework. Again, it will be priced to encourage chapter membership or Annual Pass purchase.

    One of the great benefits of participating in Bluegrass IIBA Chapter events, if you are not in Lexington, Kentucky, is that the chapter broadcasts and records all our chapter meetings and most of our events. The chapter has the Kentuckiana Branch in Louisville, Kentucky. A group congregates there in Louisville and participates in the chapter meetings and events. Occasionally, the speaker is actually in Louisville. You don’t have to be a chapter member, or member of IIBA, to participate in chapter events; just register for the events you wish to participate in. All recordings are posted to the members-only section of the website so that members can review them later.

    Along with the 60 chapter members, Bluegrass IIBA Chapter has six (6) people who have purchased the Annual Pass from the chapter. The Annual Pass is not membership, but it gives you some (not all) benefits of membership; such as free attendance to chapter meetings and deep discounts to other chapter events, but it does not give you access to member-only content and resources. The Annual Pass was developed for those that don’t want to join the parent association, IIBA; but wants the benefits of a closer relationship with Bluegrass IIBA Chapter.

    “There are more people that we can reach” says Aaron Whittenberger. There are far more than 60 business analysis professionals in Lexington alone. Possibly triple that many in Louisville. This doesn’t go to mention Owensboro, Bowling Green and other places in the state of Kentucky. Aaron continued “We want to reach these professionals and raise awareness of the benefits, events and resources we have available that will help them advance their own careers.”

    If you are interested in connecting with Bluegrass IIBA Chapter, join their email list to receive notifications of upcoming events and news from the chapter.


  • Tuesday, June 25, 2019 2:30 PM | Recognition IIBA Bluegrass (Administrator)


    Congratulations to the first person from Bluegrass IIBA Chapter to obtain the IIBA®-AAC Agile Analysis Certification...


    Bill Phillips, CBAP, PSM, AAC is a Business Analysis Consultant in Lexington and an IIBA® member with over 30 years of experience delivering value to his client base.  His engagements have included a wide variety of business sectors including retail petroleum, higher education, hardware, life and health insurance, public health and highway transportation. 

    He has focused on Agile delivery since 2013 and has served as a Product Owner on multiple international teams simultaneously, showing that he is an early adopter of agile principles. Bill earned the Certified Business Analysis Professional(CBAP®) certification as part of the SQS-Rural USA business analysis consulting team in 2016. He passed the Agile Analysis (IIBA®-AAC) certification exam yesterday. Bill plans to promote IIBA as a leader in the Agile community, showing the Agile Mindset applies well beyond delivery only. You can connect with Bill on LinkedIn.

    Congratulations to Bill on achieving this career milestone! 

  • Monday, June 03, 2019 12:06 PM | Sponsorship IIBA Bluegrass (Administrator)


    Bluegrass IIBA Chapter announces new community support from R.J. Corman Railroad Group. “We’re excited to see the commitment to the community and professional education that R.J. Corman shows in this sponsorship” says LeShai Phelps, Vice President of Sponsorship for Bluegrass IIBA Chapter. “Community involvement was very important to our founder, Rick Corman, and that commitment still exists in the company today”, says Richard Power, Business Analyst for R.J. Corman Railroad Group.

    Richard J. (Rick) Corman started his business after graduating from Jessamine County High School, in Nicholasville, KY, in 1973. The company is still headquartered there today and employs 1,700 employees in 22 states. The company’s operations encompass an array of services, including: railroad construction, short line railroad operations, dispatch, industrial switching services, emergency response, track material logistics, distribution centers, signal design and construction and an excursion dinner train. The company’s diversity has given them the ability to service all aspects of the freight railroad industry at any scale. R.J. Corman also encourages employee health and community involvement. In support of these ideas, the company hosts and sponsors numerous community-wide events, including its traditional Fourth of July fireworks celebration and 5k races that benefit employees and their families, as well as local charities and organizations.

    Bluegrass IIBA Chapter is dedicated to the advancement of the business analysis profession in the Bluegrass state of Kentucky. Bringing awareness of best in class educational resources for business analysis professionals supports that mission. Bluegrass IIBA Chapter is dedicated to assisting business analysts advance their careers. This brings awareness of the value that business analysts provide organizations in the Bluegrass state and throughout the world.

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