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              Volume 19 Issue 1     

National / International Connection

 We Use Less Information to Make Decisions Than

 We Think

We live in an age of unprecedented access to information. To buy the right phone, find the best tacos, or hire the perfect employee, just hop online and do as much research as you need before choosing. Having so much information at our fingertips has made us more knowledgeable than ever before.

This Is How to Be Present for Your

 Employees in Times of Change

When it comes to organizational change, too many leaders stay on the sidelines. The best leaders are quarterbacks, and they're with their employees for every play.

People are naturally opposed to change -- familiarity is enticingly comfortable. It’s no surprise, then, that igniting organizational change can be particularly difficult. Insights from McKinsey suggest that a discouraging 70%of change initiatives fall short of their original goals. On a more positive note, getting real company buy-in makes change efforts 30 percent more likely to stand the test of time. But how can a leader win over his or her team members?

 3 Common Digital Transformation Pitfalls

 and How to Avoid Them

Businesses know that they must adapt to the digital age to remain competitive, let alone gain a market advantage. In doing so, they are pursuing digital transformation initiatives that they hope will help them streamline their operations, deliver excellent customer experiences, and spot new opportunities for business growth. However, there are some pitfalls that any business may run into when proceeding down the path of digital transformation. Here are three of the most common challenges, with tips for avoiding them.



Local Connection

The Rise of Kentucky Aerospace 

Think Kentucky. Think aerospace.


In Kentucky, we know all about stereotypes. Whenever we travel anywhere outside the state, Kentucky is recognized for the same things: bourbon, horses and KFC. Now don’t get me wrong; I am proud of these illustrious pieces of Kentucky lore and history, but as many of my fellow Kentuckians can attest, there is much more to our commonwealth.  


Toyota Georgetown plant to produce two hybrid vehicles in new multimillion-dollar investment

Toyota’s Georgetown plant will build the hybrid Rav4 crossover SUV and the hybrid Lexus ES in a $238 million new investment, company officials revealed Thursday.

Chapter Connection

Congratulations to our newest IIBA ® Certified professoinals:

Jonathan Hill, CBAP

Andrew Lytle, CCBA

Bill Powers, CBAP

Bronson Zell, CBAP



Upcoming Events

What Skills Should I be Developing at This Point in My Career?
Panel discussion of Recruiters and Hiring Managers to discuss skills business analysts should be developing at different points throughout their career. March 20.



Role the BA plays on a Successful Agile Team

Explore the integral role the business analyst plays in the success of Agile teams. April 17.


Annual General Meeting and Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and induct the fourth class of professionals into the Bluegrass Business Analysis Hall of Fame. May 15.



2019 BABOK v3 Virtual Study Group

Our virtual BABOK® v3 Study Group for those individuals interested in IIBA® certification or learning the BABOK® Guide to better their career. June 6 - Aug. 22.

Are you a chapter  member...Would you like to   be?

Bluegrass IIBA Chapter announces a membership promotion to encourage business professionals who live or work in the great Commonwealth of Kentucky, Southeast Indiana or Burlington, VT area to participate in the chapter program and gain membership from that participation.



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We at Bluegrass IIBA Chapter realize that your successes and challenges can be great lessons learned for others; therefore, we encourage you to donate your time and experience to local groups that provide mentorship to youth or professional development for adults. Let's enrich our community by helping others advance or prepare for new careers.


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